Lynn Wachtel's Debut Novel, THE ZUM ZUM GIRLS
The Book For The "Baby Boomer" Generation

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Nominee 2016 Vermont Book Award 


Relive the incredible '60s in New York City through the eyes of Lori, Angela, Marcia, and Priscilla, known as The Zum Zum Girls. The first in a series, The Zum Zum Girls portrays the exciting story of four “Baby Boomers” who, while attending business school, developed a special friendship—a bond that would last a lifetime. An inspiring and often funny narrative of their lives, loves, and careers during an unprecedented period of social and technological change—the Vietnam War, the sexual revolution, the advent of women's liberation, and the first man on the moon. If you're a "Baby Boomer" who grew up in the '60s, the Zum Zum Girls might just be the book you've been looking for.  


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Midwest Book Review

"Impressively well written and a thoroughly engaging read from beginning to end, "The Zum Zum Girls" wonderfully showcases the exceptionally skillful storytelling talents of author Lynn Wachtel. Very highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections and personal reading lists."